Why do I Need a Workers Comp Lawyer

Why do I Need a Workers Comp Lawyer

Arguably, workplace injuries can be catastrophic. Imagine the prolonged treatment, physical and emotional pain and financial burden on your family. Oftentimes, some employers and their compensation insurance carriers tend to overlook some injuries or even try to suggest that the injury was pre-existing or did not arise within the workplace. This is where worker’s compensation lawyers come in. They will fight for your rights to ensure that you get justice.

Why do you need a workers’ compensation lawyer?

• To help you file your case – in law, there are many deadlines regarding specific paperwork, which must be filed correctly and in time. Remember, if you go against the time frames, you may not be able to enjoy your full benefits. A workers’ compensation attorney, however, will ensure that your rights are not violated.

• To help you through the steps of the whole process – needless to say, you should reach out to a workers’ compensation attorney as soon as you get injured. The reason for this is to help them evaluate your case and to avoid any ramifications. The attorney will help you understand when and why to report the injury to your employer in order to collect the benefits.

• Support your case with evidence – your attorney will use their expertise to develop medical evidence that will show the severity of the injury. Most people rely on physicians who work for insurance companies to analyze their injuries – a big and costly mistake indeed!

When should you hire a workers’ compensation lawyer?

• If the insurance company or employer denies your claim – your employer may decide to accept your claim and pay the lost wages and medical expenses, pay your medical bills and deny any lost wages or deny your claim in its entirety. In the unlikely event of a denial, you can hire an attorney to help you validate your case. They will help you to collect relevant evidence that will make your case worth considering.
• When filing a claim after injury

• If your employer tries to manipulate your benefits – some companies may try to reduce or eliminate your benefits and try to force you to get back to work even when you are not ready. A workers’ compensation lawyer will come in handy to protect your rights.

Final thought

Saying that you can file a successful workers’ compensation claim without the help of an attorney is an overstatement. An experienced work injury lawyer in LA will help you to put together the relevant materials required to collect maximum benefits from your employer and insurance company. Moreover, they will ensure that your claim is handled properly.

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