The Process of Finding a Tax Attorney

The Process of Finding a Tax Attorney

A tax attorney is a lawyer specializing in law specific to tax-related matters. They help clients manage their financial situation to best navigate their circumstances of tax, abide by tax laws, and meet the requirements laid out by the IRS. Different areas that they can help with include cases involving estate, business, or international tax law.

When Should You Hire A Tax Attorney?

Depending on your case, it might be best to hire a tax attorney. Here are some instances when a tax lawyer may best serve you.

Planning Your Estate

Estate planning can involve a multitude of strategies. These include files and papers involved in reducing tax expenses, starting trusts, and exchanging assets with business partners or family members. A tax attorney will be helpful here.

Handling Tax Matters

If you have a tax case to fight, perhaps involving the IRS, or the state, over tax issues, you may need to appear before a court. Having a qualified tax lawyer to defend your case will be within your best interests.

Tax Relief

Do you have a balance that needs to be settled with the IRS or state? Perhaps you need to negotiate or make a case about the amount that’s due. This is where a tax lawyer can come in.

Business Start-Up

Tax is an integral and important factor for when you start a business. A good strategy will be helpful, whether it’s for buying or selling the business, or when it comes to business growth.

What Makes A Good Tax Attorney?

Without a license, an attorney can’t defend your case. They won’t be able to practice law at all. You can check for this information easily on the bar association site for your state.

Search to find what qualifications and expertise a lawyer has. A master’s degree will show with the initials LL.M. Also, some will have a CPA license, meaning they are also qualified to practice as a public accountant.

For a person to be able to legally prepare your tax information in exchange for payment, they must have a tax identification number (known as a PTIN). They will have to provide you with this when placing their signature on your tax returns.

A Reputable Tax Group In LA For You

If you’re living in LA, Hillhurst Tax Group can provide all your tax law needs. You can find out more by heading to their website and calling them or filling out their form.

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